107: A Masterclass In Modern Day Link Building w/Garrett French


garrett french

I try not to be hyperbolic in titles – but when listening back to this episode, a “masterclass” is the description that keeps coming to mind. You can tell when I throw spontaneous and challenging questions out like “how important is link velocity?” and Garrett gives a thoughtful, experience-based, unique answer – without even skipping a beat –  that he’s is a true expert at link building. It’s the information and insights I think anyone would expect from a ‘masterclass’.

We chatted for 90 mins about:

  • Two new strategies he’s using for link acquisition (and how you can use them),
  • How Garrett builds links for his own companies

And thanks to your awesome questions on Twitter we also talked about…

  • Building links directly to sales and product pages
  • How Garrett decides what links to go after
  • Judging the value of a link
  • Link Velocity – does it matter?
  • Best approach to anchor text
  • Big publisher links vs niche publisher links
  • Do guest posts still work?
  • Why is link building stigmatized?
  • What’s the future of link building?
  • And TONS more…

Note: There are a few quick spots of ‘dead air’ in the audio – #podcasterproblems – just a heads up!

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